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Learn How To Hit The Topspin With One-Handed Backhand (Part 1)

In this video lesson, I want to share a problem that one of my subscriber is facing currently. He said, "I saw you talking about generating topspin. You assumed correctly that I am right handed. As a result, I tried topspin but I still can't get topspin on the ball. What my opponents love to hit...


Improve Your Consistency Instantly With These Simple Tweaks

Recall yourself rallying with your opponent or partner. One shot, two shots, three shots and poom! You hit the ball out or dumped the ball into the net. But you felt ok. Then you played again. One shot, two shots, three shots and poom! The ball sailed out to the fence. You shook your...


How To Beat The Damn Pusher In Your Next Match

It's so frickin frustrating when playing against a pusher. Every shot that you throw at him is a wasted effort because he keeps returning them to you. Alright! You feel like smashing the ball at him! Have you ever experienced this kind of agony? If yes, then this is a great lesson where I am...