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I was able to learn from Joel in both a group setting as well as private lessons. Joel is able to communicate clearly and effectively to bring the ideas across. He has a firm grasp of knowledge and additional tools and training aids to aid in the students' learning. I would recommend him to players who are serious in improving their tennis game."

- Deb, Singapore

Thanks Joel for taking the time to help me work on my serve. I'd really been struggling to get a rhythm on my serve which really affects the consistency. The drills and exercises you did with me were fantastic and I could feel immediately afterward how much looser my shoulder was and they really help to develop that missing rhythm. How you explained the pronation and contact points for different serves really helped me understand this better and put into action. I'm looking forward to putting in some serious serve practice and master all 3 serves. It will be great to finally have variety and consistency to my service games. Thank you :)"

- Suzanne, Singapore

I'm an adult male from the UK who's been playing tennis for around 4-5 years, and have definitely 'caught the bug'. I play quite a lot and think I'm around a 3.5 level. I was on an extended business trip in Singapore and thought I'd like to play some tennis and get some coaching and Joel was recommended to me. Joel was very helpful and friendly, arranging the courts and helping with transportation etc. As well as the usual coaching services Joel provided me with an email summary of my current strengths/weaknesses. He videoed many of our sessions together. He was also very good at showing theoretical material on the court. If you find yourself in Singapore I would definitely recommend you get in touch with Joel!"

- Stuart Worsley, UK

I started playing tennis with nothing. I don't know what is the right way to hit the ball. My mindset before was just to land the ball inside the court without thinking how to do it the right way. Then I decided to engage Coach Joel for coaching lessons. I had fun playing and at the same time learned a lot on how the game is being played. The lessons are very useful, from backhand to forehand and even the service. Now, I must say I am a better player with the help and assistance from Coach Joel. I will definitely recommend to new players out there to join us in UYT tribe."

- Mark Anthony Caliguia, Philippines

I engaged Joel as my coach as part of my training for my inter-hall games at my local University. Prior to that, I have had only around 2 years of tennis experience and had taken a hiatus for 2 years due to National Service. Joel is a very dedicated coach, from his punctuality during lessons to his desire to extend the training beyond the stipulated timing just so he can share more of his tips. His usage of video analysis is particularly helpful for me to observe my mistakes clearly and how to improve on them, as well as for correcting my strokes. In addition, he tailors the training to suit my weaknesses and doubts after I have expressed it to him. Overall I feel that I have really improved under his guidance and coaching, and I am now able to step onto the court with more confidence than before. I would definitely recommend him to any tennis players who are seeking to improve their tennis, even if you are a complete beginner. His desire and patience to help his students succeed will definitely influence you greatly and make lessons fulfilling and enjoyable."

- Damian Chong, Singapore

My daughter had not played for a year before starting with Joel. In 3 lessons, she improved greatly. He had the other girl take videos of my daughter hitting the ball with smooth strokes directing the ball where it needed to go. Each lesson, he would come with different training aids that got the 2 girls to practice different techniques. This trained them and kept them interested in the game. He was very gentle, friendly, and super conscientious. He even had a weekly notebook to write down progress and other notes! The girls were very happy with Joel's tennis lessons. I recommend Joel highly."

- Jun, Mother of Dian-Rose